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Own a Health Club? Paint Hues to Motivate Your Club Members


Colors have a surprising effect on peoples’ moods and can be motivating in many ways. You've seen certain hues used in marketing before to create customer retention or inspire purchases. For example, the red and yellow hues you often find in restaurants are not there coincidentally. You may wonder whether colors can be used to create customer motivation in your own health-minded business.

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4 Steps to Get the Most from Repainting Your Business


If you plan to have the exterior of your business repainted, you're on the right track. Many companies can attribute 70 percent of their first-time sales to excellent curb appeal. A new coat of exterior paint is an excellent way to send your business's curb appeal in the right direction.

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Choosing Paint Colors That Express Your Brand


When it comes to selecting paint colors for your business, it’s important to consider how you can use color to convey your brand. Here are some tips for choosing colors that will help your business stand out and attract the right customers.