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Choosing Paint Colors That Express Your Brand

Building Interior
When it comes to selecting paint colors for your business, it’s important to consider how you can use color to convey your brand. Here are some tips for choosing colors that will help your business stand out and attract the right customers.
  • Bright colors such as orange and yellow are perfect for fun, accessible brands. They are not good choices for businesses that are more serious or luxurious.
  • Blue and brown evoke calmness, tradition, and reliability. They are perfect for brands that want to establish a feeling of trust, or for businesses associated with the sky, sea, or earth.
  • Green creates a mood of abundance, whether it’s associated with plant life or finances. Lighter shades feel fresh and bright, while darker tones convey prestige and stability.
  • Red is a bold, dynamic choice that conveys warmth and confidence. It’s a popular color for restaurants because studies have shown that it makes people hungry.

Trust the Experts

Once you’ve picked your colors, make sure you hire a contractor that specializes in commercial painting. Contact Howell & Howell to learn more about how the right paint job can help your brand get noticed.