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Find the Right Color Scheme for Your Business

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your business can be tricky. Colors can reflect moods and pull at your emotions. Maybe you want your business to have a friendly and welcoming vibe, or you may want a paint scheme that communicates hard work and professionalism. 
Can a simple paint color truly affect the success of your business? Yes, it can, and here’s how.

Understand the Emotional Aspect of Color

Colors can trigger memories, whether good or bad. For example, if you once anxiously waited for a job interview while sitting in a room with white walls, white floors and white ceilings, white rooms in the future may trigger some of those same feelings and emotions you’ve experienced. 
On the other hand, if you like to swim or visit the beach, a blue wall may feel inviting and comfortable for you. Though it would be impossible to please everyone, taking into consideration your customers and where they may be coming from is important when deciding on the color scheme for your business.
Besides triggering memories, colors can also affect the moods of your customers and employees. Before painting your business, you want to understand the moods that colors can evoke and make sure those moods match with the mood of your business. For example, a hospital or doctor’s office can be a stressful place for many people. Choosing a calm and comforting color can help put patients at ease. 
On the other hand, a law firm is a place where serious actions take place, and the mood needs to match that. Choosing a friendly and cheerful yellow scheme may not be the best choice; however, it could be the perfect option for a pediatric center. 
Think about your business, what you sell, the services you provide and your customers. Once you do that, you’ll be able to pick the perfect paint colors that represent your business and invite more customers. 

Know Your Competition

If you haven’t looked at your competition and the paint choices they have made, you’re not ready to make a final decision on your paint color. Start out by looking at the businesses that share the same idea and industry as you. Are their businesses successful? If so, take a look at their color schemes and decide if you want to emulate their success by making similar choice or attempt to stand out by going in a different direction. 
Take a look at Walmart and Target, for example. They are two worldwide known businesses in the same industry, but they are completely opposite in their paint scheme choices. Walmart chose blue, while Target chose red. While both are successful businesses, individual customers may feel a stronger pull for one store over the other because of color and the meaning behind each color. 
Along with keeping up with the competition, paint scheme choices can determine whether a business appears new and modern or old and dated. Look outside of your industry at the new businesses. What colors are they using, and do they look exciting, new and interesting? Businesses can use color as a way to lure their customers in their stores. If something looks fresh and modern, most people would be more excited to try that than something that looks outdated. 
Finding the right color scheme for your business is a job on its own. To make it less stressful, simply consider the emotional aspect that color can have on your customers and business, while remembering the competition and what has been tried already. 
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