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Is Your Color-Scheme Hampering Productivity? Paint a More Productive Work Space

Color is a powerful tool in creating a mood or setting an atmosphere in a space, home or business. Feng Shui has long embraced the concept that color can significantly impact state of mind and productivity. Is your work space or home as productive as it could be?

Depending on the work that you do, try using color in the following ways:

For Inspiration

Inspiration can foster productivity, so paint your work space with some inspiring colors - like yellow! The right shade of yellow can have a remarkable impact on mood, spirits and confidence. It will increase self-esteem and create an optimistic environment that may improve your productivity.

To Energize

If you are looking for a jolt of energy and to be stimulated, you can't go wrong with red. Red is an energizing color that affects people physically. Studies show that it raises the pulse and creates a sense of urgency, which could result in more industriousness and productivity.

To Engage

Orange is a color that evokes a sense of warmth and engagement, which is ideal for individuals who interact with other people regularly. Orange sparks enthusiasm, which makes it the perfect color for the office of a sales professional, gallery or common area where people frequently interact or socialize. This sense of excitement could perpetuate and impact productivity, too.

To Calm

Sometimes stress interferes with progress and productivity, so it could help to bring some relaxing colors into your work space. Blue soothes the mind and can stimulate clear thoughts. Softer blues, in particular, can increase concentration and have a calming effect. Many different shades of green are considered reassuring and restorative, which could have a calming impact on your home, office or work space.

For Support

Any person will more productively in an environment where they feel a sense of support. The color brown is said to offer a quiet, unassuming support that can make you work harder. Because white lacks visual distractions, it is often viewed as a "blank slate," which can also contribute to productivity and performance. Warm tones of your favorite colors can also provide this sense of support that results in getting things done.

For Creativity

If you want to make progress on creative endeavors, paint your walls or work space purple. Purple is believed to increase your sense of awareness and insight while also ebbing into an almost spiritual awakening. Purple makes you think a little bit deeper and is meditative, so you can fully focus on a creative task, endeavor or project. Opt for a soothing, softer shade that is saturated and aesthetically-appealing. 

To Be Industrious

It is widely reported that the color blue can affect productivity related to tasks that require mental clarity and sharpness. Red environments can improve physical productivity, like at a job where you need to be on your feet. Yellow can trigger creative productivity, while green creates a balanced, supportive environment that is conducive to all kinds of productivity, achievement and industry.

For Organization

If a lack of organization is hampering your productivity, get more organized by painting your workspace walls with chalkboard paint. This black paint can create a tangible surface to jot down notes, goals and lists that lend to a sense of accomplishment. This also helps keep you on track and a bit more organized - in whatever you do!

Want to be more productive? Talk to the painting experts at Howell & Howell Contractors Inc. to change the color-scheme of your workspace, business or home to impact your productivity. Determine the overall purpose of the space and choose colors that are most compatible with your productivity goals.